Disc Jockey Acts As a Wedding Event Planner

In today’s busy world, the bride and the groom are so busy that they barely have time to plan for their own wedding ceremony. Despite the Internet and social networking, it’s barely possible for the bride or the groom to arrange and coordinate between the different wedding vendors such as a photographer, make up artists, the florist, the decorators, the caterers, the cake vendor etc.

So what does the wedding planner do?

This is where the event manager or a wedding planner comes in. The wedding planner knows, arranges for, plans and coordinates between the different wedding vendors like a supervisor or a movie director. Their experience and knowledge of vendors catering to the needs of a wedding event is their trade. However, the services of a wedding planner are not cheap especially in today’s tough economy.

Can we replace a wedding planner?

It depends. With the right combination of professionals, the expertise of one wedding planner is either distributed across multiple professionals or maybe a single professional who looks after multiple jobs. On person whose roll is undeniably important throughout the duration of the wedding is the DJ. As long as the music and the announcements continue so does the wedding. Once that stops, the wedding comes to an end. A wedding planner is usually right behind the DJ guiding the DJ on the announcements and the music as per a time line. An experienced DJ can and in today’s economic times easily takes on the responsibility of a wedding planner as well saving both time as well as money.

Does it really work?

Yes, there are companies that provide the best professionals that double up as wedding DJ s and planners both. The biggest benefit here is the price advantage. Though a low price tag of $600 for such a person surely makes this look like a misprint, but it’s rather a steal.

Research to get the best professional wedding DJ

The only thing that you need to do now is to research and interview properly to find such professionals that will make your wedding ceremony the way you have been planning it since your childhood. The good thing is that social media sites like Facebook, MySpace etc are very handy in helping you narrow down to companies that provide such services. Start with references from friends and colleagues. Then have a look at their portfolio and previous events on sites like 800dj.com. If possible attend some upcoming wedding. If not then try and get some feedback from their older clients. Finally, interview the actual person to be absolutely sure that you and your wedding guests will have a memorable time together.


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