Which Witch Costume – The Good, the Bad and the Sexy

The witch costume is a staple of Halloween. The best thing about this costume is that you can make it as nice or wicked as you want. There’s the good witch, the bad witch, and (my favorite) the sexy witch. No matter which witch personality you choose, make sure you have these main elements:


For wicked witches, your dress should be long, a dark color, and look ratty and worn. If your costume has tears in it, that’s even better! For good witches, a long dress of lighter colors like pink and purple will make you look more Glenda and less like the Wicked Witch of the West. Sexy witches can use fishnets and lace to glam up their costume. You can even choose to wear a cape to accentuate each witch look. The cape should be dark as well (preferably the same color as the dress).


The hat is the most important part of putting together a Witches Apothecary Cabinet costume. While a pointy hat with a large brim is traditional, witches can wear hats of many different shapes. Just make sure the color of your hat matches the rest of your costume. Black or purple are great color choices.


If you have long black hair, you’ve already got the look. Those with lighter hair can use a wig or temporary hair color. It could be good to tease your hair a little bit for that ratty, just-out-of-bed texture, depending on which witch look you are going with.


Besides casting spells and making potions, it is well-known that witches fly around on broomsticks – so make sure to carry one! Look through your old cleaning supplies for a conventional broom. An old-fashioned looking broom or one made of straw would be best. As for makeup, you don’t need to go overboard. Just apply some green costume face paint and attach a long nose with warts to finish the look.

Another important accessory that every witch always has around is a black cat.

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