What You Need to Prepare Before Starting Your Cello Lessons

The cello is a beautifully hand crafted music instrument. Compared to other stringed instruments such as the cello rental or viola, it produces a warm tone. Now that you have decided to learn to play the cello, you will need to consider the following before you start your cello lessons:

1. Buy or rent a cello

Before you start your cello lesson, you will need to source for your cello. You have the choice of buying your personal cello or renting one. Some students are not very sure if they like to play the cello and only wish to do a trial lesson to test this out. In this case, my advice would be to rent one. Typically a fine quality cello which is properly set up for best tone quality would cost approximately one hundred dollars to rent for a month. You will be asked to put up a deposit to the value of the instrument with your local cello shop. This deposit is fully refundable upon return of the cello, cello bow and case in good condition.

If you are very sure that you love the sound of the cello and will enjoy your lessons with the cello teacher, then go ahead and purchase one. Visit several reputable music instrument dealers located in your city and test out as many cello as you wish. Most importantly, select your cello based on your budget and tone quality.

2. Select a suitable cello bow

Aside from the cello, ask your local music instrument dealer to select a suitable bow for your music instrument. Different cello bows produce different tone on the same music instruments. So select this wisely.

3. Music scores and music theory books

You will need to purchase a good guide book so that your cello teacher can guide you through your first cello lesson. The Suzuki cello book (volume 1) is a very good choice to start with as this covers the basics such as right posturing, how to take care of your cello and how to read notes.

Your music instrument teacher will need to cover basic music theory with you. The ABRSM series of theory books are the best choice in this aspect.

4. Buy a music stand

Some students neglect getting a music stand as they feel this is not essential. Actually, the music stand is important as it ensures that your posture is correct when you play on your cello. The music stand props up your scores and books, while you practice on your music instrument. There are many brands of music stands available. Pick one based on the budget you have.

The above form the basic starter kit before you start your music lessons. Once you have acquired these, go ahead and enjoy your cello lessons!


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