The Coffee Table Reinvented For Home Staging

How many coffee tables do you currently own? If you are a typical homeowner, you likely have at least two or three around the house, right? While some of these tables are still used for their main purpose, as time has passed these versatile items of furniture have grown and evolved into multifunctional home accessories that can be repurposed and redesigned to blend into other uses or for changing needs around the home.

In relation to your home staging plans, the outdoor coffee table can be used effectively to complement the ambiance or look that you are looking to achieve in the property. One advantage going for these tables is they are usually very affordable; if you need to buy an additional table or two for accent or effect, you are likely to find one that is well within your budget. Using a bit of creativity, you can even refurbish your current coffee and side tables, reorganize them around different areas of your house, and see these tables transform into seemingly different furniture pieces altogether.

Refurbishing used tables does not have to be expensive either; repainting the tables yourself saves labor costs.

The outdoor coffee table – If you have a front porch or backyard area, a table and some chairs can be set up to make your outdoor area extra appealing and look like a great place to hang out on sunny days.

The exhibit coffee table – Got a piece of sculpture or artwork you would love to showcase or utilize as a focal point for a bedroom or section of the home? A table of the right size can help show it off. Use a cover if necessary, and perhaps use some accent lighting to complete the effect.

The workaholic coffee table – That table can be redesigned into a compact work desk for a laptop or tablet. Set up computer props, repaint the table a contemporary metallic paint, and it will be transformed into a futuristic computer geek’s work station.

The spa bathroom coffee table – Designing a luxurious spa-like bathroom? A compact table in the corner can be used for decorating with candles or potpourri, luxurious hand towels, and a selection of hand soaps, lotions, and toiletries.

The bookworm coffee table – A reading nook some place in your home will need a table for books and magazines. Stay away from the reading glasses; that’s a tired staging cliché. Just focus on making it look cozy and a quiet place to get a lot of reading done.


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