How Alcohol Detox is Used As Part of Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol detox is when you stop taking any alcohol suddenly and completely and allow your body to be cleansed from all the harmful effects of the drug. It sounds a good thing to do, but words such as ‘cleansing your body from harmful drugs’ can hide a dangerous side affect of alcohol detox.

When someone becomes physically addicted to drink, their body needs the alcohol and a sudden withdrawing of alcohol can lead to dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These include shaking, high temperature, sweating and even death. People who are seriously addicted to alcohol are advised to only start an alcohol Medical Detox under medical supervision.

There are many medical centres or addiction clinics which will help provide a supervised alcohol detoxification to give it the correct medical term, and this gives you the confidence and reassurance that you will be looked after and have a doctor on hand if needed.

Once you have completed an alcohol detox (the first stage of alcohol treatment) you are advised to enter a second stage of treatment called rehab or rehabilitation. This helps your body and mind learn to cope without alcohol. This may sound easy to anyone who has not experienced an addiction, but the desire or need to consume alcohol can be so strong that you need all the help you can get. A drug rehab centre will provide this help and support and work with you to develop coping strategies for the future.

The final stage of alcohol treatment is ongoing care and this is often provided by groups such as AA where those in recovery and those seeking to stop drinking can provide mutual support.

So alcohol detox should be seen as the first stage in a three step process of alcohol treatment. Finding a suitable place for alcohol treatment can be difficult and bewildering, and organisations such as can help provide advice on choosing the best place for alcohol detox or alcohol rehab in your area. Factors to consider include the cost, the medical facilities and the type of programs on offer.


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