Advantages of Toll Free Numbers

Toll-free telephone numbers pave the way for increased customer interaction and have proved successful in attracting new customers and in retaining the existing client base. The toll-free phone numbers encourage customers to call your business more often as they can communicate incurring no expenses.

With marketing becoming tougher and more competitive and consumer awareness on the rise, prospective customers seeking to buy goods/services expect the facility of toll-free numbers. The writing on the wall is clear and businesses that do not offer toll-free numbers are going to lose out to competition in the long run.

The steep increase in the demand for toll-free Local numbers by businesses has created a tremendous shortage of the toll-free numbers in recent times. This spurt in demand can also be partially attributed to advanced technologies that have meant the introduction of pager, modem, and cellular phones – many of which have 800 numbers.

Another significant cause for the increased demand for toll-free numbers was an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) ruling in 1993 that permitted business houses ownership of their toll-free numbers.

Toll-free service offers manifold advantages to businesses regardless of their size and scale of operations. A toll-free telephone number will facilitate increased interaction by your customers and other business associates. Most marketing experts opine that increased customer interaction is critically important for expansion of customer base and accelerated business growth.

Further, toll-free numbers can help reduce overhead costs particularly if you have a lot of field staff. Toll-free numbers usually records incoming calls on your statement, with respective names and numbers that will be immensely helpful for subsequent customer tracking.

If your advertisement carries contact particulars without a toll-free number, rest assured the prospective customers will start approaching your competitors that offer the toll-free number facility. In a bid to stay competitive and survive and thrive in business, many companies are opting for a business toll free number.

It needs to be stated that some businesses with vanity toll-free numbers have reported a quantum leap in their sales turnover. It is an indisputable fact that customer responses to trade advertisements are several times more when toll-free numbers are mentioned than standard phone numbers.

Due to advanced technology, it is now possible for calls to a business toll free number to be routed to any other number. This feature will enable you to receive calls on your mobile phone, residence phone, or any other personal phone.

Many businesses have gone on record to say that toll-free numbers have proved a powerful marketing tool not only to augment sales but also to build a better rapport with the customers.


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