5 Decorative and Unique Chess Sets

Five Chess Sets for the Collector

Chess, is a game of patience and strategy. A game of total board domination and conquering. This is a game that is loved by many people all over the world. Some of the greatest military strategist were great chess players. There are those that find this game to be boring, but for others, it offers a great way to expand their imagination and strategic prowess. This game has grown in popularity over the last several years and game manufacturers have designed several unique chess sets for the domination to take place. These different types of Advanced chess sets only enhance the overall game play for every one. Here we will look at five different chess sets that are unique and very decorative, that will make perfect gifts for the avid chess player or collector.

The first one that we will look at is that of the dragon theme. This unique and highly decorative chess set is perfect for the lover of anything medieval. These chess pieces are highly decorative and resemble some of the most magnificent of all mythical creatures ever dreamed of. If you love any part of the times of legend, then this would be a great addition to your home or office.

A second unique and decorative chess set is the glass chess set. This decorative chess set is a great way to bring a sense of elegance. For collectors, this chess set will be the shining light to the field of strategy. For a rich and classic feel of chess, try this very decorative chess set.

Among these unique chess sets is a third choice. The Staunton chess set is a very unique and decorative chess set that is great for any chess collector. These chess pieces are the ones that you are probably the ones that you are most familiar with. These chess pieces are very classy and with the right board for display, can be very elegant.

A fourth choice of chess sets among collectors is the ones that are made from marble. Bring a sense of elegance and style into your home or office by using one of these decorative chess sets. The smoothness of the cool stone will feel wonderful in your hands as you move your pieces into their strategic positions.

The fifth choice of these unique and decorative chess sets is that with a civil war theme. Among the chess sets available on the market today, these are some of the most sought after. They are highly decorative and unique. The detail that goes into each and every piece is a work of art in itself. They allow you to relieve some basic strategies that may have been put into action during the time of the civil war. If you are or know anyone who is a history buff, then this is a great gift for them. They also make perfect additions for the avid chess collector.

Now these are just some of the different decorative and unique chess sets that you can purchase as a gift for a loved one or for someone that you know that likes to collect these types of items. There are many more on the market that would also be great additions to their beautiful collection. Go out and find the one that will be the next chess set to adorn your chess collection.


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